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National Income measuring progress has been a major      riddle for experts. income as an indicator of progress  was tried by many before the idea of gross domestic product {GDP}. GST was put forward by the US economist  Simon Kuznets in 1934. the method tries to calculate  country’s income at domestic and national level in gross […]

Reserve Bank of India

reserve Bank of Indiapublished in 1935Apex body of Indian banking system headquarter is in Mumbai Reserve Bank of India functions are as follows financial supervisionregulator and supervisor of the financial systemregulator and supervisor of the payment and settlement systembanker and debt manager to governmentmanaging foreign exchangeissue of currencybankers Bankregulator of the banking systemdetection of fake […]

TOPIC BANKING SYSTEM Reserve Bank of Indiait was established on 1st April 1935.according to RBI act of 1934.the first governor of RBI was OSPORNE Smith as at that point of time the British rule was there in India.the first Indian governor of RBI was Chintaman Dwarkanath Deshmukh in the year 1943.his tenure was for 6 […]

Inflation and economy

inflation and economy types of economy socialistin this form of economy domination of government is therethis economy is also known as centrally planned economyeconomy there is a price restrictioneconomy government works for public welfarethis type of economy is seen in China Russia UAE north korea. capitalistin this type of economy domination is by private sectors.private […]

कराधान की प्रणालीपहला है प्रगामी कर वह कर है जो आय के बढ़ने के कारण कर प्रतिशत भी बढ़ जाता है उदाहरण आयकर दूसरा है प्रतिगामी करबढ़ते हुए आय के कारण कर प्रतिशत का घट जानाउदाहरण छोटा कारखाना तीसरा है अनुपातिक करजब आय या वस्तुओं के बढ़ोतरी का आय कर पर कोई असर नहीं होता […]

expenditurethere are two types of Expenditure*revenue expenditurenon productive in naturenon developmentshort term and recurring *total expenditureproductive in naturedevelopmentlong term expense and non recurring. situation of budgetsurplus budgetwhen income is more than expenditurebalanced budgetwhen is equal to expendituredeficit budgetwhen expenditure is more or greater than income.India’s budget is of deficit nature.Development has three stages.underdevelopeddevelopingdevelopedin India we […]

Budget and Taxes

revenue is divided into two partstax – it is collected from income tax sales tax goods and service tax and State duty.non tax- is collected from interest , tourism, profit.tax can again be divided into two parts direct tax all those taxes on which burden of paying taxes is non Transferable to another person is […]

हमारे भारत में जो संसाधन है वह सीमित है । संसाधन , हमारी जरूरत पूरी करने वाली हर चीज संसाधन कहलाती है । सीमित संसाधन का बंटवारा इस तरीके से करना जिससे हर किसी की असीमित जरूरतें पूरी हो सके अर्थशास्त्र कहलाता है। शास्त्र का मूल सिद्धांत है , मांग एवं पूर्ति । मांग और […]


INVEST INDIA: Invest India is the official investment promotion and facilitation agency of the department of industrial policy and promotion mandated to facilitates the investment into India. The team of domain and functional experts of the agency provide sector and state specific inputs and hand holding support to investors through the entire investment cycle from […]

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